Innovation Awards

JEC Composites Innovation Awards

A celebration of the most successful and innovative projects in the composites industry

Every year, through its Innovation Awards, JEC Group rewards the best cutting-edge and ingenious projects using composites to their full potential.
Created in 1998, the goals of this top-level innovation program are to:

  • Identify, promote, and reward the most innovative composites solutions worldwide
  • Encourage companies that are involved in composites innovation along with their partners
  • And also enhance their public exposure; and contribute to the advancement of the composites industry

Over the last 24 years, the JEC Composites Innovation Program has involved nearly 1,900 companies worldwide. 203 companies and 499 partners have been rewarded for the excellence of their composites innovations.

The Competitors

The competition is open to any company or R&D Center with a strong collaborative innovation or concept to present. The success of each competitor is closely linked to the partnerships and collective intelligence involved. The categories cover all the applicative markets: Automotive and Road Transportation, Aerospace, Defense, Security & Ballistics, Renewable Energy, Building & Construction, Infrastructure & Civil Engineering, Oil and Gas, Medical & Prosthetics, Electronics, Industrial Equipment, Furniture & Appliances, Sports & Leisure and Marine.

The Format

Recognized as an institution all over the world, the JEC Composites Innovation Awards allow the winners and their partners to gain:

  • International recognition
  • Enhanced exposure during the show and all year long
  • Business opportunities
  • Customers’ trust

30 finalists in 10 categories will be selected by an internal JEC jury. An external jury composed of Composites professionals will select one winner in each category.

The 2022 winners

The 2022 Finalists

The Jury

Representing the entire composites value chain, the JEC Composites Innovation Awards 2022 international jury includes:

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