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Summit Sports

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Summit Sports

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are about to take place in France and JEC World 2024 will use this unprecedented opportunity to showcase the close ties between composites and sports with a special event on March 7th.

March 7th from 9 AM to 1 PM


JEC Composites Summit


The Summit Sports has been developed in partnership with Global Sports Week Paris, the international forum for sports in France, which boasts a community of experts and leaders committed to sports’ positive transformation.



The programme of the Summit will address the close links between composite materials and the sports industry:

The material at the heart of the performance

Composites have properties of lightness, but also resilience and rigidity that can be a plus for sports applications. Athletes, equipment manufacturers, and engineers will share experiences and best practices.

Sports, a composites innovation laboratory

For new materials and new processes, sport is a playground for testing innovations that other sectors can only adopt and test after long industrial certification and implementation processes. How can companies use the sports industry to test new composite technologies?

Sport for all with composites

We review the opportunities for composites in equipment for Paralympic sports, physical protection of athletes (masks, helmets, ...), and health-related applications.

Sports & ESG: athletes, nature, and composites

From surfers to skiers, sailors to VTTists, athletes are pioneering the use of natural materials (fibres and resins bio-based and/or recyclable).

Foils & composites

Discover how composites technology has revolutionised competitive water sports, but also water sports in general.


Organised with

Global Sports Week Paris

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Recycling Carbon