Composites Exchange

Composites Exchange

Program Presentation

Engage with the audience through a presentation of a concrete business case showcasing the benefits your products & solutions bring to the industry.

Composites Exchange format is a 30-minute concrete business case study presentation of your products and solutions involving 2 speakers: one from your company and one from your client.

Composites Exchange sessions present innovative and cost-effective solutions for the Composites Industry, though 5 main themes:

  • Construction, Building, Infrastructures, Civil Engineering, Industrial Equipments
  • Automotive, Mobility, Land Transportation, Railway
  • End users manufacturing optimization
  • Aerospace
  • Energy, Renewable Energies, Wind Energy, Pipes & Tanks

Composites Exchange sessions will provide the audience with the latest trends and innovations in the Composites Industry, new materials and new ways of manufacturing these materials, providing the best performance and greater cost-efficiency.


This animation of this program is reserved to exhibitors.

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