Composites Challenge

Composites Challenge

PhD Challenge dedicated to the Composite Industry

Composites Challenge is a competition of PhD sourced and selected for the quality of their research work in the field of composites.
The Challenge: 5 minutes to pitch their thesis using 1 slide.

Composites Challenge 2019 Winner

The 2019 Winners are Polette Centellas and Adam Smith.

Finalists 2019



Postdoctoral Researcher,
Laboratory for Processing of Advanced Composites, EPFL


The Economist

A win-win program

For the PhD

  • Direct access to the industry, potential investors or buyer of their research
  • A unique way to promote their research to the 43,000+ participants of the show and the 100,000+ JEC World community contacts
  • A gateway to recruiters

For the industry

  • Source of innovation and solutions at early stage
  • Source of talent

A great event

Participate in the Composites Challenge to reap the benefits:

  • The recruitment campaign – from September to December 2018
  • A press release to announce the finalists
  • Marketing campaigns targeting the 100,000+ JEC Group database contacts
  • Full coverage in the JEC World Digital Preview (sent one month prior to the show to the visitors and exhibitors)
  • A massive voting campaign via social media activities
  • A strong setup at the show, including technical posters; printed promotional materials with a dedicated brochure; a pitch session; and an award ceremony


Jury Members