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Business Meetings

JEC World

Business Meetings

To optimize your company’s participation during JEC World, take advantage of our Business Meetings Program to connect qualified business partners.


Business Meetings

The aim of this program is to connect composites industry buyers with JEC World exhibitors.

The team support offered prior to the show and the digital platform dedicated to Business Meetings will help you plan and organize quality meetings.

This very qualitative program represents a unique opportunity to meet with relevant buyers and contractors, suppliers, and reliable R&D partners.

Why use this service as exhibitors/suppliers?

  • Meet your clients,

  • Identify new prospects and meet with them face to face,

  • Present your products and solutions,

  • Prepare your meetings before the show and save time thanks to the dedicated digital platform

Who attend the the Business Meetings program?

  • General managers, R&D Directors, Engineering Managers, Purchasing, Procurement, Materials, and Sourcing category managers

  • Large groups, SMEs, and startups represented by their CEOs, Technical and Engineering Department

  • Public and Private Laboratories, Research Centers, Consultancy and Engineering Firms, Distributors and more.

Why use this service as buyers?

  • Customized business appointments selected according to your needs and your agenda,

  • Requests meetings with relevant exhibitors/suppliers,

  • Time saving with pre-arranged qualified meetings,

  • No waiting on the booths,

  • Dedicated assistance before the show and a personal welcome at the Business Meetings Area.


I am an exhibitor/supplier

4 Steps

  1. The Business Meetings team contact my company's booth manager to determine which team member will participate in the program

  2. I fill in the registration form for the Business Meetings online platform to describe my company products/services offer

  3. Starting January 24th, select the JEC World buyers I would like to meet

  4. From March 5th to 7th, the meetings are held during JEC World either in the Business Meetings area, or on the exhibitor’s boot

This service is reserved for JEC World participants.

Already Exhibiting

You are already exhibiting at JEC World 2024 and would like to already organise your company business meetings?


Become an exhibitor

I am a visitor/buyer

4 Steps

  1. After being registered as a visitor in my JEC World 2024 personal area, I apply for the Business Meetings accreditation as a buyer

  2. After being validated by e-mail to participate in the program, I fill in my needs in the digital Business Meetings platform

  3. Starting January 24th, select the JEC World exhibitors I would like to meet.

  4. From March 5th to 7th, the meetings are held during JEC World, according to their choices either in the Business Meetings area or on the exhibitor’s booth

Already Registered

Have you already got a badge for JEC World 2024?
Go to your Personal Area and apply for accreditation to the Business Meeting program.

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