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JEC World 2024

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Unleashing the Power of Nature: Exploring Natural Fibers and Bio-Sourced Materials in the Composites Industry

05 Mar 2024
Agora 5

This panel discussion will explore the realm of natural fibers and bio-sourced materials and their significant impact on the composites industry. As eco-consciousness gains prominence, the use of renewable resources in manufacturing processes is becoming increasingly crucial. This panel brings together industry experts, innovators, and researchers to explore the potential and challenges associated with the supply chain of these natural resources and with integrating natural fibers and bio-sourced materials into existing manufacturing processes and products. The latest advancements in using natural fibers and bio-sourced materials in composites will be presented.

This session invites you to discover the potential of natural and bio-sourced materials as viable alternatives to conventional composites. You will gain valuable insights into their unique characteristics, durability, and versatility, and how they can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of composite materials, driving the adoption of sustainable composites.

Prof Ignaas VERPOEST, Emeritus Professor - Composite Materials Group , KU Leuven
Mr David SALTMAN, Chairman & CEO - INCA Renewable Technologies Inc.
Mr Corey TYREE, CEO - Trillium Chemicals

Composites Applications

Automotive & Road Transportation,Aerospace,Railway Vehicles & Infrastructure,Maritime Transportation & Shipbuilding,Building and Civil Engineering,Equipment and Machinery,Renewable Energy,Oil and Gas,Pipe and tanks Water treatment and sewage,Defence Security & Ballistics,Electrical Electronics Telecoms and Appliances,Medical & Prosthetics,Sports Leisure & Recreation (excl. Maritime),Design Furniture and Home

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