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JEC World 2024

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Two Birds, One Stone: Cost Efficient and High Quality Products with an Intelligent Process Optimization Solution

05 Mar 2024
Agora 6

Stricter regulations demanding high quality parts and rising cost pressures increasingly burden composite manufacturers. To keep pace with growing demands, many companies ask themselves how intelligent process technologies enable them to manage this balancing act, while simultaneously evaluating new composite application fields, such as hydrogen vessels and the like. Novel technology combining intelligent hardware with machine learning reduces scrap and cycle time as well as generates significant energy savings. Learn how an aerospace company investigated the impact of this process digitization on production efficiency, part costs, and quality. The implementation of a process monitoring system enabled real-time process adjustment and flexibility in the cooling/post-curing phase, resulting in cycle time savings of 30%, a financial benefit of approximately €80 million p.a., and process visualization capabilities. In the automotive sector, a key player achieved similar results, which will be shared in a case study.

Dr Alexander CHALOUPKA, Managing Director - CTO - NETZSCH Process Intelligence
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