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JEC World 2024

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Save Time, Money, and Effort with Vacuum Infusion and Custom Process Material Kits from Aerovac

06 Mar 2024
Live Demo

Discover the benefits of vacuum infusion with Aerovac custom kits in our live demo. Witness the precision of precut kits in a closed mold process, integral to industries like Wind Energy and other Industrial Markets. Watch how a sandwich structure is enhanced with a stringer infused through use of microporous membrane to improve efficiency and quality of complex part infusion. The use of these kits has slashed production time by over 50% and material waste by 40%, showcasing significant efficiency and financial benefits for manufacturers.

Featuring: Aerovac Composites One Tailored Process Material Kits and Magnum Venus Products (MVP)Injection Equipment

Mr James JONES, Lead Technical Support Manager - Composites One
Mr James KNOX, Technical Services Manager - Aerovac Composites
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