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JEC World 2024

JEC World


The Roadmap of the Decarbonization of the Aeronautics

06 Mar 2024
Jean Auditorium

On March 6, 2024, at JEC World, from 10am to 11am, Aeronautics Industry Leaders will present to the JEC World community the roadmap of the industry decarbonization.

A major focus of the aeronautics sustainability strategy is reducing the CO2 emissions of the aircrafts, as well as the industrial environmental footprint at sites worldwide and throughout the supply chain. To this end, the industry is contributing to meet key industry-wide environmental performance targets.

The aerospace industry has always been at the forefront of technological advancements, especially in the use of composite materials that are THE key enabler to tackle the decarbonization challenges.

This session will explore the advancements, and challenges to bring the world’s first zero-emission commercial aircraft to market by 2035.

To date, the speakers are:

  • Damien PROUST, VP AIRBUS - HO Engineering propulsion airframe
  • Fabienne LACORRE, VP HO Engineering, SAFRAN
  • Alexandre HAMLYN, Co-founder, CORIOLIS
  • Thierry MERLOT, President Aerospace EAMA & Industrial, HEXCEL
  • Gilles LUNET, Head of R&T,  Airbus Atlantic

In the coming days, other supply chain leaders will confirm their participation.

The panel discussion will be moderated by Jason PALMER, The Economist.

Dr Jason PALMER, Journalist - The Economist
Ms Delphine DIJOUD, Vice President Engineering Deputy - SAFRAN
Mr Alexandre HAMLYN, Chief Innovation Officer - CORIOLIS COMPOSITES
Mr Thierry MERLOT, President Aerospace EAMA & Industrial - HEXCEL
Mr Damien PROUST, VP AIRBUS - HO Engineering propulsion airframe - AIRBUS
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