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JEC World 2024

JEC World


Lightweight Engineering Enabling Key Technologies for a CO2-neutral Industry

05 Mar 2024

Against the background of the transformation towards greater sustainability, two trends can be observed in the field of lightweight construction and plastics technology. On the one hand, fibre-plastic composites are needed to enable solutions for cutting-edge technologies that significantly reduce emissions in the use phase. On the other hand, plastics offer the potential to save resources in the raw material extraction phase of production. The presentation will highlight current research activities in the field of fibre-plastic composites. These include engine structures for electric and conventional drives, electric motor components, high pressure and cryogenic hydrogen tanks and centrifugal compressor impellers. The challenges of efficient and effective product development in the context of shortened development times will be addressed. Digitalization aspects will play a major role in the context of combined virtual-physical product development. State-of-the-art processes such as generative manufacturing or tailored fibre placement are enablers for such R&D activities.

Mr Daniel KOHLER, Research Assistant - TU Dresden / Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology
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