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Leading into the Zero-Carbon Era: Swancor Recyclable Thermosetting Resin System “EzCiclo” and “CleaVER”

05 Mar 2024
Agora 6

In 2023, SWANCOR's "Recyclable Thermoset CFRP Composite Bike" won the JEC Innovation Award. In 2024, SWANCOR will demonstrate how to use EzCiclo and CleaVER system to achieve a closed loop of thermosetting composite industry. What great changes will SWANCOR's recyclable thermosetting resin bring to the composite industry? This session will take you into the fully circular composite materials and learn how to reuse recycled materials from around the world. Welcome to explore what SWANCOR has done so far, we will show you the infinite possibilities for the future.

Mr Jackson LIN, Global Marketing Strategy Manager - SWANCOR HOLDING CO., LTD.


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