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Highly Scalable Series Production of Composites Using a HELD Double Belt Press – Hot Pressing Exemplified by TEPEX® (a Product of Bond Laminates)

06 Mar 2024
Agora 6

Under the motto "Mass plus class: high quantities in high quality", the speakers will present the continuous and isobaric production process of a HELD double belt press exemplified by Tepex®. Wherever lightweight construction, rigidity and strength, fatigue resistance, energy absorption and functional integration are required in high quantities, Tepex® is the material of choice.

The HELD double belt press meets the requirements to produce Tepex® and other composites in series excellently since it works with a continuous, isobaric technology that combines the three mandatory process parameters of time, pressure, and temperature. At the same time, HELD customers benefit from its cost-saving and highly efficient technology. Double belt presses are applied in versatile sectors such as automotive and aerospace, ballistics, consumer electronics, and the sports industry.

Prof Dirk BONEFELD, Head of Product Management and Marketing Tepex - Bond-Laminates GmbH - A company of ENVALIOR
Mr Christian KESTERKE, Senior Sales Engineer - HELD TECHNOLOGIE GMBH

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