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JEC World 2024

JEC World


Foil & Composites

07 Mar 2024
Jean Theves Auditorium 401

Composite technology has revolutionized competitive water sports, enhancing speed and maneuverability of even the biggest boats, until enabling them to fly over the water surface. They have a tangible contribution of the environmental impact of competitive water sports and have a key role to play in the transformation of maritime transport and wider shipping industry. 

Mr Luca RIZZOTTI, President - The Foiling Organization
Dr Fabio BRESSAN, VP New Business Development - PERSICO SPA
Mr Romain CACHIA, Technical Director - CDK Technologies
Mr Tom LAPERCHE, Skipper Trimaran SVR Lazartigue - MER CONCEPT
Mr David de PREMOREL, CEO - Finot-conq Architects
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