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JEC World 2024

JEC World


Exploring LSAM – Thermwood’s Large Scale Additive Manufacturing System

07 Mar 2024
Live Demo
A comprehensive overview of the features and rich history of the LSAM system and what sets it apart and positions it as the unrivaled technology leader in LFAM (Large Format Additive Manufacturing).  We will also explore high temp autoclave tooling applications possible on LSAM as well as learning about Purdue University's Composite Manufacturing & Simulation Center Additive3D software, a powerful tool that not only simulates workflow, but also predicts the printing and as-manufactured performance of parts produced through extrusion deposition additive manufacturing.   
Mr Eduardo BAROCIO, Assistant Director of Additive Manufacturing - Purdue University – CMSC
Mr Scott VAAL, LSAM Product Manager - THERMWOOD CORP


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