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DD. Metalite : a Laminate Stronger than Steel, Lighter than Aluminum

06 Mar 2024
Jean Auditorium

For some time, we have been advocating the use of one parameter for stiffness in trace, one parameter for failure criterion by leveraging Nettles circle, individual ply drops instead of symmetric pairs, one-axis layup with no cross-plying, and one continuous layup without stopping for mid-plane symmetry.

Now we need only one test for interlaminar stress, one laminate for design allowable generation, and one of two stacking sequences for DD to reach homogenization the fastest, and more simplifications to come. All these steps that will make composites easier and lower cost to produce are enabled because of the homogenization of DD laminates.

We are now advocating a new concept directly derived from DD. Metalite is a laminate stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum. With Metalite neither conventional and unconventional laminates, nor metals, can compete.


The presentation will be followed by a signing at the publication store (Mezzanine Hall 6) from 11h30 to 12h00. 

Prof Stephen W. TSAI, Professor (Research) of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Emeritus - Standford University
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