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Graphene Nanotubes: Business Cases and Advances in Composite Technologies

05 Mar 2024
Agora 6

OCSiAl, the global leader in nanotube technologies, explores graphene nanotubes—an advanced agent for electrical conductivity in composites. Nanotube-based concentrates provide conductivity while preserving bright colors and the original mechanical performance of tanks, pipes, GFRP gratings, cable trays, SMC composites, printing sleeves, and other thermoset products. OCSiAl partner BÜFA explains specific market applications empowered by nanotubes, such as conductive gelcoats for ATEX requirements, tooling conductive gelcoats for increased safety and efficiency, and conductive resin to meet safety requirements.

Mr Ravi Mohan DABRAL, Director Of Business Development EMEA & CEO- India - OCSIAL Europe
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