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Proxxima™ Systems: Innovating with Sustainability in Mind

06 Mar 2024
Agora 5

Discover how Proxxima™ polyolefin thermoset resin systems can contribute to your company’s sustainability goals. Proxxima™, rooted in novel polyolefin chemistry, has less than half the GHG emissions of traditional thermoset resins on a cradle-to-manufacturing output basis. Transform your production economics with super-low viscosity and controllable fast cure. Drive value for your customers by offering lower weight parts with superior balance of strength and toughness, enhancing fatigue performance and longevity. Let’s work together to innovate with sustainability in mind.  

Ms Christina CURATO, Global Marketing, Brand & Sustainability Manager - EXXONMOBIL
Mr Mike GROMACKI, Chief Executive Officer - MCCLARIN COMPOSITES
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