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JEC World 2024

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Composite Research, Innovation, Knowledge & Education @ Applied Mechanics & Vibrations Laboratory of University of Patras

05 Mar 2024

Applied Mechanics Laboratory, University of Patras (AML/UPAT) is in operation since 1980. It is part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, University of Patras (UPAT). AML/UPAT deals mainly with the general field of MATERIALS & STRUCTURES giving emphasis in the science, the technology, and composite materials applications. AML/UPAT has 25 years extensive experience in the field of composite manufacturing, material design and characterization. AML/UPAT research experience is classified through participation in various research projects programs the last decades under the granting framework of EU, ESA and National Research Fund.

Prof Vassilis KOSTOPOULOS, Head of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics Dept. & director of Applied Mechanics and Vibrations Laboratory - Applied Mechanics Laboratory / University of Patras
Dr Stavros TSANTZALIS, Research Project Manager - University of Patras
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