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Out of Autoclave Composites for Large Launch and Space Vehicle Structures

05 Mar 2024
Agora 5

Composite materials have emerged as an integral part of the design and manufacturing of space & launch vehicles due to their unique properties, offering significant advantages over traditional materials like metals. This presentation provides an overview of the role and utilization of composite materials in the space & launch industry, particularly in the context of large structures for launch vehicles. 

It will address the key characteristics of composite materials, including their high mechanical strength and resistance to harsh environments. Furthermore, it addresses the specific challenge of cost and manufacturability when it comes to large structural components of launch vehicles including payload fairings, interstage adapters, tanks and other primary structures. Composite materials are playing a significant role in the technological advancement of space and launch vehicles, ultimately contributing to commercialization of Low Earth Orbit and future Lunar exploration missions.

Dr Benjamin HAWTIN, Head of Customer Development - EMEA - SYENSQO
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