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Achieve Rapid Injection Times and Higher Quality Parts with Fast Flow LRTM

07 Mar 2024
Live Demonstration Area
Discover how traditional LRTM molds can be transformed to achieve rapid injection times and elevate the quality of your molded parts. When using a traditional LRTM mold, the resin flow speed is dependent on the distance between the resin channel and center of the part during injection. Utilizing the same silicone collapsible resin channels developed for the Flex Molding Process, MVP’s Fast Flow LRTM technique uses a unique channel arrangement allowing channels to be installed closer together to decrease the resin flow distance and speed up injection times. This process can inject a fifty square-foot part in under four minutes using only one injection port, while also delivering a good back side surface aspect equivalent to traditional LRTM. By injecting the resin from the center to the border, the part demolds with a finished look and no visible resin channels, wasted materials or excess resin.
Mr Charles TUR, Closed Molding Specialist - MVP
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