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JEC World 2023

JEC World


Steering the Future of Ground Transportation with Composites

27 Apr 2023
Agora 6

Composites are fundamental in the development of the next generation of zero emission gound transportation vehicles. They play a crucial role in enabling motors to spin faster and be more efficient; for hydrogen to be stored safely; for ships to harness natural sources of energy; and for safe, comfortable and reliable travel for passengers.
The session will present the most innovative solutions brought by Composite Materials, shaping the Future of Ground Transportation.

Introduction by Eric SHREFFLER, SVP Market Development - Michigan Economic Development Corporation

  • From Concept to Reality, How Composites Play a Key Role in TransPod Development by Sebastien GENDRON, CEO, TransPod
    •  From concept to certification, when should FluxJet be operational?
    • How are aerospace technologies entering the ground transportation sector?
    • How new infrastructure business models reduce the dependencies on public funding. 
  • Ebusco 3.0 – The Game-changer in Sustainable Public Transport with Composites as prime enabler by Tjaard SIJPKES, CTO, Ebusco

    • Composite Material Buses, Inspired by Aerospace Technology

    • How designing for the customer always leads to a sustainable product

    • Benefits and challenges of incorporating composite materials in the design & production of the Ebusco 3.0

  • Composites and Hydrogen in Ground Transportation by Geert NOUWEN, Managing Director, Okker

    • The crucial role composites play in the success of hydrogen technology
    • The effect the hydrogen technology has on the composites market
    • Securing the future of composites in hydrogen technology
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