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JEC World 2023

JEC World


Sustainability in the Composites Industry: Teijin Group's Holistic Approach to Net-Zero CO2 Emissions

26 Apr 2023
Agora 5

The session will explore Teijin Group's commitment to sustainable innovation in the composites industry, focusing on energy and GHG emission reduction, use of renewable raw materials, closed loop products, and the development of a blockchain-based platform for enhancing the environmental value of recycled resources. The conference will also delve into the company's use of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to provide customers with reliable emissions data and the importance of partnerships across the supply chain for accelerating sustainable initiatives. Join us to learn about Teijin Group's efforts to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

Ms Martine DOLS, Head of Corporate & Marketing Communication - Teijin Aramid
Dr David KRUG, Senior Materials Scientist, Research & Development - Teijin Automotive Technologies
Dr Jan ROOS, Director Energy Transition & Sustainable Development - Teijin Aramid
Dr Markus SCHNEIDER, General Manager Sustainability - TEIJIN Carbon Europe
Dr Ton de WEIJER, General Manager Innovation - TEIJIN
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