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JEC World 2023

JEC World


The Lightweighted Future: Aero-Mobility in South Korea

25 Apr 2023
Agora 5

The conference will focus on the importance of lightweight materials in the aero-mobility industries, and how they can contribute to environmental sustainability. Hosted by KCARBON, the session will feature successful examples of lightweight carbon composite applications in South Korea, as well as insights from industry experts and renowned speakers. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in these industries, network with professionals and exchange ideas for a more sustainable future.

The Korea Carbon Industry Promotion Agency (KCARBON) is a governmental agency under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Korea with an aim to foster carbon (composites) industries since the inception in March 2021. KCARBON holds a peculiar expertise and knowledges in lightweighted carbon composites products for industrial application, especially, in the fields of aero-mobility.

Dr Jason PALMER, Journalist - The Economist
Dr YunHyuk BANG, President - KCARBON
Mr YunHo CHO, Managing Director - HANKUK CARBON CO., LTD.
Dr Chihoon CHOI, Executive Vice President/CTO - HANWHA ADVANCED MATERIALS
Mr Seung Wook JEONG, Vice President - Hyosung Advanced Materials Corporation
Dr ChongSoo PARK, Vice Chairman - KUKDO CHEMICAL CO.,LTD.
Dr Min Hwan SONG, Senior Manager & Chief - Korea Aerospace Industries, Ltd


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