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JEC World 2023

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EMI Shielding Evaluation of a Multilayer Composite Structure

25 Apr 2023
Agora 6

A multilayer structure using a non-woven substrate treated with a waterborne polyurethane binder and various carbon-based and metal oxide additives has been developed by SP2 Carbon. This multilayer structure has been analyzed by an electromagnetic interference (EMI) high-frequency dielectric material measurement technique developed at NTNU to have excellent EMI shielding effectiveness above 10 – 15 GHz, where the absorption is almost 100%. This work offers a new way for the preparation of flexible polymer-based EMI shielding composite films for applications in 5G (& B5G) communication technology, wearable electronic devices, low-orbit satellites, and artificial intelligence.

Dr Chang-Lung HSU, Research & Development Engineer - Etablissements Gallois - SP2 Carbon
Dr Norman SEUNG, Technical Service Manager - Etablissements Gallois - SP2 Carbon
Dr Chan-Shan YANG, Professor - National Taiwan Normal University


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