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JEC World 2023

JEC World


Graphene Enhanced Composites: A Comparative Study and Results

27 Apr 2023
Agora 6

The Graphene Council, together with industry partners VIBRANTZ TECHNOLOGIES and COMPOSITES ONE have completed a study that compared the performance of 15 different types of graphene in a commonly used two-part epoxy resin system in order to measure the improvement to the physical characteristics in the cured part. 

This session will share the results of the study including how the tests were performed and the actual test results for all 15 samples, including testing at levels as low as 0.1% by weight. 

This session will provide empirical evidence for graphene as an important nano filler for composites that can impart significant strength improvements (in excess of 30%) using just a fraction of the graphene material.

The Graphene Council is a neutral trade and professional body that helps inform and educate industry sectors on the use of graphene.

Mr Terrance BARKAN, Executive Director - The Graphene Council
Dr Jason GIBSON, Chief Applications Engineer - Composites One
Mr Paul RETTINGER, Technology Director - Vibrantz Technologies
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Composites Exchange
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