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Flax and Hemp Fibre Composites, The Biobased Solutions for the Industry

25 Apr 2023
Agora 5

As renewable European resources, flax and hemp fibres are a major asset for bioeconomy. The combination of their exceptional mechanical and environmental performances is amplifying sustainable innovation. Several commercial products will be presented and analysed in terms of composition, manufacturing, and performance. It will be demonstrated how flax and hemp fibres and their composite solutions meet manufacturer expectations in terms of performance and anticipate demands for sustainable development from both industrial customer and final consumer.

Dr Gilles KOOLEN, Postdoctoral Researcher - KU Leuven
Mr Vincent PLACET
Prof Ignaas VERPOEST, Emeritus Professor - Composite Materials Group , KU Leuven
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Composites Applications

Automotive & Road Transportation,Aerospace,Railway Vehicles & Infrastructure,Maritime Transportation & Shipbuilding,Building and Civil Engineering,Equipment and Machinery,Renewable Energy,Oil and Gas,Pipe and tanks Water treatment and sewage,Defence Security & Ballistics,Electrical Electronics Telecoms and Appliances,Medical & Prosthetics,Sports Leisure & Recreation (excl. Maritime),Design Furniture and Home

Session Type

Composites Exchange
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