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JEC World 2023

JEC World


Composites in Construction: Building Towards a Stronger and More Sustainable Future

25 Apr 2023
Agora 6

The use of composite materials is nothing new in the construction industry. With sustainability at the fore, and with existing infrastructure requiring rehabilitation or replacement, there is accordingly an increasing push toward a stronger and more sustainable future for the construction industry. In particular, there is a move towards replacing or upgrading more traditional construction materials, such as concrete, with modern alternatives which can offer advantages in terms of weight saving, ease of installation, corrosion resistance, durability, and/or resilience. However, limited knowledge within the construction sector; restrictive standards or absence of available guidelines; lack of skills, and experience in the existing market; and lack of existing supply chains are the challenges remaining.
Discover how composite materials offer solutions fitting our global infrastructure needs and anticipated needs of the future. And as they say – the future is now!

Introduction: “How We Build Now: Our Pursuit of a Better Tomorrow” by Christopher SKINNER, Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Composites, Owens Corning

“How We Build Better: Stronger, Lighter, Rustproof, Code-Approved” by Casey INGLE, Marketing Director, Building Elements, Owens Corning and Paolo CASADEI, Business Development Leader, Owens Corning:

  • Realizing the opportunity of higher-performing Concrete
  • Advancing the conversation from possibility to real change
  • Transforming the status quo and creating growth

“Advancing Architectural Design with Composite Materials” by Samuel DURAND, CEO, MECA :

  • Composite Materials in Architectural Applications
  • The Composites Eurocode: Update & Latest Developments
  • Composites Eurocode Applications in Architectural Application and in Existing Civil Engineering Structures (pedestrian bridge)
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