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JEC World 2023

JEC World


Aerospace: Developing the Aircraft of Tomorrow with Composites

26 Apr 2023
Agora 6

As the aerospace sector prepares for a new round of major program launches, the question of where and how composite materials will be applied weighs heavily on the supply chain.
Plenty of challenges remain to meet the need for higher-volume production, but at the same time there is also plenty of opportunity for the composites world to rise to the challenge (for instance wings, engines and urban air mobilty).
From resin infusion of wing structures, resin transfer molding of door surrounds, advances in thermoplastic composites, and more, this session will explore how the aerospace end market is evolving, and some sense of what the future might bring.

  • Pioneering Sustainable Aerospace - 'Wing of Tomorrow' by Sue PARTRIDGE, Head of Wing of Tomorrow Programme, Airbus
    • Hear from Airbus’ Head of Wing of Tomorrow Programme about this groundbreaking programme
    • Pushing the boundaries of innovation, integration and industrialisation for commercial aircraft wings
    • The roadmap to sustainability
  • Open Fan / RISE (Revolutionary Innovation for Sustainable Engines) - by Virginie JAQUET, Head of Materials and Processes R&T service, Safran Aircraft Engines
    • A new generation of civil aircraft engines with no surrounding nacelle
    • Composite materials needed in Open Fan architecture
    • Benefits of the Open Fan for a sustainable aviation
  • Vertical Aerospace and Composite Materials’ Impact on Urban Air Mobility - by Alison GREEN,
    Head of Structures, Vertical Aerospace Ltd. :
    • Vertical Aerospace and its mission to revolutionize air transportation
    • Overview of composite materials and their role in enabling efficient and sustainable urban air mobility
    • How Vertical Aerospace is utilizing composite materials to overcome engineering challenges and bring its vision to life
Ms Alison GREEN, Head of Structures - Vertical Aerospace
Dr Virginie JAQUET, Head of Materials and Processes R&T service - Safran Aircraft Engines
Ms Sue PARTRIDGE, Airbus Head of Wing of Tomorrow Programme - Airbus Operations
Mr Marc FETTE, CEO - Composite Technology Center (An AIRBUS Company)

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