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Using sensors to improve sustainability in composites manufacturing, design and life cycle

05 May 2022
Agora 5

The composites industry has begun to prioritize sustainability, which demands not only reduction of waste but also reduced consumption of energy, water and raw materials. This roundtable features companies leading the way in developing sensors for more sustainable composites manufacturing and design, as well as possibilities for self-sensing and monitoring structures. Benefits include reduced cycle times, true visibility into the black box of processes, optimized parameters, closed-loop process control and feedback for improved designs and into ERP systems for more efficient scheduling of materials and personnel. Sensor technologies represented include dielectric, fiber optic/FBG, ultrasonic and non-contact magnetic microwire and electromagnetic sensors. All of these technologies can be used for resin flow and cure monitoring, and some have the potential for much more, including insight into pressure, temperature, load and strain, vibration, humidity, mixing, contamination, gelation, polymerization, crystallization, digital twins and more.

Calvin Hayes - ASP Demo
Jeffrey Owens - ASP Demo
Karl-Heinz FUELLER, Manager of future outside and materials - Mercedes-Benz
Marcia Collins - ASP Demo
Victor Gilbert
Victor Gilbert - ASP Demo

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