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Startup Booster Pitching Session- Products & Materials Category 1

03 May 2022
Agora 6

Startup Booster is the leading startup competition in the world of Composites. It enables companies to find and assess innovations with a potential impact on their industry, as a complement to the project they may are already involved in. Discover the 10 startups in the category “Products & Materials” selected to pitch in front of the prestigious jury specially composed for this edition.

Startup participants:
Yannick LAFUE, CEO, Blackleaf ••• Lim SEUNGHOON, CTO, Dongnam Realize ••• Robert BRÜLL, CEO, FibreCoat ••• Doron KLEPACH, CEO, FVMat ••• Ari PINKAS, Co-founder & VP Business Development, Ora Graphene Audio ••• Benjamin DELCOURT, CEO & Founder, Pangolin Defense ••• Luca D'ALESSANDRO, CEO, Phononic Vibes ••• Andrea MOCELLIN, Founder & CEO, Revolve Wheel ••• Liron NESIEL, CEO, Smart Resilin ••• Akihide MANABE, CEO, Space Walker


  • Jelle BLOEMHOF, Head of Manufacturing Technologies of Composite, Airbus
  • Karl-Heinz FÜLLER, Head of Future Outside & Materials, Daimler
  • Johannes GÖTZELMANN, Director – Product & Process Development, Europe, Magna Exteriors
  • Florent ILLAT, Head of Safran Corporate Ventures, SAFRAN
  • Tim VORAGE, Founder and Manager Growth Garage Accelerator, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials


  • Peter Hopwood, International Speaker Coach, Hopwood Speaker Coaching


Peter HOPWOOD, International Speaker Coach - Hopwood Speaker Coaching
Clotilde de VILLENAUT
Clotilde de VILLENAUT, Conferences & Programs officer - JEC
Irene Burns
Irene Burns - ASP Demo
Kim Turner
Kim Turner - ASP Demo
Jury Members
Jelle BLOEMHOF, Head of Manufacturing Technologies of Composite - Airbus
Karl-Heinz FUELLER
Karl-Heinz FUELLER, Manager of future outside and materials - Mercedes-Benz
Shawn Cheng
Shawn Cheng, Sales Manager - SWANCOR HIGHPOLYMER CO., LTD

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Innovation partner :


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Startup Booster
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