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Session by Altair : Simulation – The Key to Sustainable Product Development

03 May 2022
Agora 5
This year’s Altair conference aligns with the main JEC event theme, and we’ve selected several notable and interesting topics from within the vast subject of sustainability. We are excited to showcase recent stories from our clients’ diverse industry sectors, including Fraunhofer and our partner PART Engineering, where Altair’s composites simulation solutions have helped them reliably predict material properties, reducing physical testing, and creating functional, durable, and optimized engineering designs efficiently.

SIMULATION, the key to sustainable product development
by Jeff WOLLSCHLAGER, Vice President of Composite Technology, Altair
This year’s Altair conference aligns with JEC World’s sustainability theme. Jeff Wollschlager, Vice President of Composites Technology, explains how Altair’s simulation tools enable the efficient creation of functional, durable and optimized composite designs.

Greening the Future of the Automotive Industry
by Deborah MIELEWSKI, Ford Technical Fellow of Sustainability, Ford Motor Company
Recently, Ford has committed to reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, with the hopes of reaching that goal even earlier. As a result, Ford has expanded our work on sustainable materials to include developing more sustainable manufacturing processes. In this presentation, you will discover several of our early successes in sustainable materials and some new ideas in reducing Ford’s manufacturing carbon footprint and participation in the new, circular economy.

Simulation of recycled fiber-based materials: From material data availability to micromechanical material modelling
by Frank MANIS, Scientist, Fraunhofer IGCV and Frank EHRHART, EMEA Technical Specialist - Material Engineering/Multiscale Designer, Altair

Harnessing the Wind: GSEA Design Conquer the Challenges of Ocean Racing with Altair
by An BERNARD, Project Manager, GSEA Design and Charles VANDAMME, Structural / Mechanical Engineer - Naval Architect, GSEA Design
GSEA will show how a close collaboration between their clients and Altair has enabled their efficient development of new FE models for the new generation IMOCA class vessel: the most advanced open ocean racing monohulls in the world. By integrating fluid impact factors at the pre-design phase with the architects, along with exploiting the extensive composite material stress tools in pre-study, Gsea Design will illustrate how Altair’s complete and agile digital suite is perfectly suited to both the needs of the project and those of a SME.

Using the Capabilities of Altair and the Partner Alliance for Customer Specific Simulation of Composites
by Tamás SCHMIDT, FEA Specialist, X-Plast and Sascha PAZOUR, CAE Engineer & Software Sales, PART Engineering
In many cases, in addition to manufacturing process analysis, it is also necessary to examine the mechanical or thermal load capacity of new components. With static, strength, dynamic, thermal, topology and shape optimization solutions based on the finite element method, we can efficiently design plastic parts with the help of Altair's simulation software package. With the Altair Partner Alliance even the use of additional third-party software for specific problems is possible. Material-specific strength assessment of plastic components is often a problem in practice. With the Altair solvers and partner software, a well-founded static and fatigue strength assessment can be performed and even complex properties, such as fiber orientation, can be taken into account.

Innovative Thermoplastic Applications: Multi-material Rocker Panel and Plastic Sport Car Seat
by Ilaria LUCIANO, Business Development & Marketing Manager, BeonD and Alessandro MESSANA, Post-Doc Researcher - IEHV Group, Politecnico di Torino – DIMEAS
With their vision of a sustainable future for the automotive industry, BeonD (Piemonte, Italy) and Politecnico di Torino have applied cutting-edge technologies to meet mass-saving and low environmental impact targets. BeonD and PoliTO are highlighting two recent projects involving the development and validation of a “from sample to component” approach employing a complete simulation path using Altair® Radioss®:

  • Multi-material rocker panel, in partnership with CLN which focused on lightweighting, recyclability and feasible stamping cycle time for the thermoplastic carbon fiber composite solution.
  • Part of the CARBOGREEN project, an automotive eco-friendly sport car seat backrest, in partnership with Sabelt, involving the characterization of a sustainable, injection molded composite solution to replace an RTM conventional composite part.
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