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Country on Stage : On line Agora 5 Country on Stage The Sustainable Future – Hydrogen Unleashes Sustainable Mobility in Korea

03 May 2022
Agora 5
South Korea sees hydrogen power as the country’s “future bread and butter”, especially in mobility with almost one million hydrogen vehicles by 2030 and almost three million by 2040, accelerating the transition to cleaner vehicles. But challenges remain with the technology and one of the greatest challenges of future vehicle concepts will be high-pressure vessels and the materials & processes used to manufacture tanks, as well as the development of charging infrastructure. Discover how hydrogen storage will enable the Future of Mobility and how South Korea is vying to win the race to create the first hydrogen-powered society.
Jelle BLOEMHOF, Head of Manufacturing Technologies of Composite - Airbus
Kim Turner - ASP Demo
Karl-Heinz FUELLER, Manager of future outside and materials - Mercedes-Benz
Irene Burns
Irene Burns - ASP Demo
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