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Composites Exchange : Next Generation Mold Making with Thermoset 3D Printing

04 May 2022
Agora 6
Thermoset materials are revolutionizing large-scale additive manufacturing, and MVP’s Reactive Additive Manufacturing (RAM) system takes full advantage of these benefits. This presentation will showcase recent breakthroughs and real-world application of 3d-printed thermoset molds and tools. Thermosets contain polymers which chemically react in the curing process, cross-linking between printed layers to form powerful bonds, resulting in stronger, more heat tolerant products. Many key advantages are due to the open layer time, which creates the ability to pick and place items into the print, print through a previous path, print multiple objects at one time, and allows for secondary bonding of materials.
Irene Burns - ASP Demo

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Composite Exchange
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