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Innovation Planets Parts - MOBILITY

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UAV machined part, to show advanced CNC milling techniques

Pronat Aerospace

Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

Acceptable techniques for the CNC milling of composite materials are difficult to come by. Having evolved over several years a continuous improvement program to our machining capability, Pronat Aerospace felt it worth-while to share this knowledge.

Benefits for the final customers?

UAV parts are required to be very strong, extremely light, with smooth surfaces, so composite materials are the ideal solution. The Pronat Aerospace multi-layered model is composed of core material layers, including Rohacell foam and Nomex Honeycomb.

The product : materials and processes

Pronat is a specialist producer of light-weight airframe parts using such products as high density foams, pre-pregs, composite materials and Nomex® honeycomb sections. Applications include light weight wing sections, ribs and mounting plates for UAVs, radar and radome mounts.

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