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Innovation Planets Parts - MOBILITY

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Organosheet Composite Bumper Beam with Crashboxes


Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

In 2019, a digital study was performed with an Asian OEM that confirmed the benefits of the technology and triggered a prototype phase in 2020.Step by step, thanks to a proactive and effective team work alongside that OEM, we validated all the specifications and overcame the main technical issues.

Benefits for the final customers?

The composite components can withstand high mechanical stresses and are about 40% lighter than sheet metal components. It is a clear added value created in the sense that each gram represents CO2 emission reductions, through both the use of thermoplastic materials and the overall weight reduction.

The product : materials and processes

Thanks to our thermoforming simulation tools, we were able to confirm the part's feasibility and predict the behavior of the material in a crash situation. We then performed several tests and validated that composite has a better energy absorption behavior. Being a thermoplastic material, organosheet can be formed and overmolded in "one shot, net shape" that is the process favored at Valeo.

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