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Innovation Planets Parts - MOBILITY

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Integrally Stiffened TP Primary Structure


Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

Nikkiso, Solvay and A&P have been working in partnership over the last two years to address industry needs for high rate, sustainable, complex shaped components targeting primary and secondary structures for the aerospace and AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) markets for small to mid-size applications.

Benefits for the final customers?

Will benefit from a lighter weight part that is cost competitive with metallic and/or composite stiffened structures and enables sustainability goals to be met. Our TP panel is made using less energy with minimal waste, meets structural performance req., provides fuel efficiency, and is recyclable.

The product : materials and processes

Nikkiso developed a continuous fiber integrated stiffened demonstrator for aerospace and AAM made using Solvay''s APC prepreg and A&P''s +/-45° drape-able braided fabric in a new, efficient, high-rate molding process. Nikkiso''s one-shot processing technology dramatically reduces cycle times, eliminates secondary bonding, and creates a cost-effective, sustainable solution.

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