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Innovation Planets Parts - MOBILITY

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Innovative thermoplastic composite Krueger Flap


Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

This part was developed within the SWING project, part of the Clean Sky 2 European program, for more efficient wings & sustainable aircrafts. Cetim'' s challenge was to develop an innovative in-situ consolidation process to outperform existing solutions on the industrialization & recyclability side.

Benefits for the final customers?

This part is manufactured with SPIDE TP, Cetim automated in-situ thermoplastic consolidation process, which outperforms existing ones in terms of structural & industrial performances: lightness, higher production, better process stability, repeatability, improved parts quality & recyclability.

The product : materials and processes

The part, made with PAEK/FC raw materials, is designed in several components: 3 cells for resistant hollow bodies & a skin to fix the whole component. It''s manufactured with SPIDE TP, Cetim laser filament winding process based on AFPT technology, using innovative heated tools from Loiretech. The TP composite Krueger Flap meets mechanical & weight challenges as required by Sonaca (topic manager).

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