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Innovation Planets Parts - MOBILITY

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Hydrogen XL Compressed Gas Tank

FORVIA Faurecia

Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

Faurecia is pioneer in equipping the Hyundai X-Cient truck with its Hydrogen Storage System with (35kg of H2 at 350 bar in a behind-the-cab system). In order to maximize the driving range, Faurecia developed a 700bar XL Tank designed to replace the existing fuel tank located in the wheelbase.

Benefits for the final customers?

In the case of pressurized gas at 700bar, the main benefit of composites for the tank mechanical structure is mass optimization and maximized storage thanks to reduced thickness vs. metal tanks, minimized vehicule consumption and enlarged autonomy.

The product : materials and processes

  • On board H2 capacity: 17.7kg
  • Water Volume: 435L
  • Weight Ratio: ~7%
  • Plastic Liner (polymer material) to ensure an airtight seal
  • Aluminium Bosses to manage the interface with tank valves
  • Composite Structure (Carbon fiber layup + Epoxy resin) produced through a wet winding process
  • Dome Protector (Foam) to protect the tank against fall
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