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Innovation Planets Parts - MOBILITY

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Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

Development of functional composite materials through the combination of various manufacturing processes flexible printed electronics and component insertion which provide new features in terms of lightness and lower industrial assembly costs. Intended for the Composite High-Speed Talgo train.

Benefits for the final customers?

Thanks to the characteristics of composite materials (fibers and resins) it is possible to embed different devices that allow structural and complex geometries to be functionalized. These functionalities can be provided by geolocation antennas, lights, sensors, etc.

The product : materials and processes

  1. Integration of a capacitive sensor substrate by printing conductive inks on a flexible substrate.
  2. CFRP with the embedded antenna Composite: Epoxy/CF prepregs Technology: Thermoforming
  3. Printing of conductive inks to generate the sensors and decorative inks. The display elements provide the haptic behavior of the demonstrator.
  4. Integration of multiple capacitive sensors in a composite piece with lighting feedback Composite: Epoxy/Glass fiber Technology: RTM (Resin transfer moulding)
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