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Composites rear fuselage panel for the A220

STELIA Composites - Airbus Atlantic Group

Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

All composite panel manufacturing for the rear section of the AIRBUS A220 regional jet was transferred to France in a new dedicated building at STELIA Composites, a subsidiary of Airbus Atlantic, equipped with the latest generation of Automatic Fiber Placement technology from CORIOLIS.

Benefits for the final customers?

These high-performance carbon fibre and thermoset resin prepreg panels offer reduced weight compared to standard metal technology as well as reduced corrosion risks and longer inspection intervals.They contribute to the indirect decarbonation of the aircraft.

The product : materials and processes

STELIA manufactures composite panels for the fuselage of the Airbus A220 jet program. Most of the rear fuselage is made of composite materials. There are 4 panels (1 upper, 2 side and 1 bulkhead) in the A220 aft fuselage. The lower panel is composed of 10 stringers (6 delta and 4 omegas) hot formed and assemble by co-curing process to the skin, laminated by AFP.

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