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Composite High-Speed train Carbody


Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

The demonstrator is a whole carbody for Talgo 350 intermediate coach at the TRL 6/7 1:1 scale. The Project is funded by the Shift2Rail initiative of the European Commission under grant agreement No: 881807.

Benefits for the final customers?

A lighter weight reduces energy consumption and can lead to cost savings taking into account the current scenario of energy prices. A 5- 10% increase in capacity has been estimated and about 50-100€/kg saved. All the above translates into a lower LCC.

The product : materials and processes

The development is a hybrid composite carbody structure for Very High-Speed trains made of a CFRP composite and Aluminum with a 25% weight reduction. The technologies used to manufacture the composite components (apart from pultrusion profiles) are based on hand and semi-automatic lay-up of a CFRP semi-prepreg compliant with the Fire-Smoke- Toxicity standards for the railway sector, EN 45545-2.

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