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Innovation Planets Parts - MOBILITY

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Composite battery box for electric vehicles

Lukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation

Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

Housing for batteries was developed for electric vehicle where the weight is one of the main priorities during designing. Use of the thermoplastic (PA12) carbon fibres UD tapes allows to obtain optimal mechanical of the housing and fast technological process. This product can be used in different industry including automotive, aerospace

Benefits for the final customers?

Low weight (2 times lighter than traditional steel housing), mechanical strength of carbon fiber thermoplastic composites, fast technology process, possibility of use hybrid AFP+pres forming technology without use of high temperature autoclave systems. High fire resistance without any additions to matrix systems.

The product : materials and processes

For manufacturing the PA12/CF prepreg was used in UD form. This type of materials gives more flexibility in designing processes than use of typically used fabric prepregs. The AFP technology allows to built the preform in relatively short time without necessity of consolidation in situ. Use of the preform which is close with the shape with the final product allows to obtain the good quality press formed thermoplastic/CF element without wrinkles and loss of carbon fiber direction. Press forming process allows to consolidate sub-parts of the design housing without necessity of the adhesive bonding.

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