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Circular welding process for thermoset composites

FHNW University of Applied Science and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

The circular ultrasonic welding concept for thermoset components with thermoplastic interlayers was established by the FHNW University of Applied Science And Arts in a nationally-funded Innosuisse project and further developed in close collaboration with Huntsman Advanced Materials.

Benefits for the final customers?

The four key benefits:

  1. Design for circularity through reusability
  2. Fast welding of thermoset composites within a fraction of a second
  3. Lightweight joint design with high mechanical strength
  4. CO2 reduction through disassembly and reuse

The product : materials and processes

Ultrasonic welding of thermoset composites through a thermoplastic coupling layer. A phenoxy film combined with the fast-curing epoxy Araldite LY3585/Aradur 3475 resulted in a high average lap shear strength of 25 MPa. Reusability was tested with controlled dismantling and rewelding, leading to multiple lifetimes and reduced CO2 emissions, while maintaining a high mechanical performance of 23 MPa.

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