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Innovation Planets Parts - MOBILITY

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Bioinspired Helicoid™ EV battery enclosures

Helicoid Industries

Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

The bioinspired Helicoid-TPI EV underbody protection offers unparalleled impact resistance and durability at low cost, deliverying lighter battery enclosures for a higher energy density and extended range. The innovation targets high-volume, high build rate commercial automotive vehicles.

Benefits for the final customers?

Electrification of transportation is key to achieving net-zero goals. Impact-sensitive battery protective baseplates, conventionally made with metals, are replaced by lighter composites. Helicoid-TPI allows to maintain a strong edge over metallic solutions by delivering safer and lighter components.

The product : materials and processes

The solution is the convergence of digital engineering, nature-inspired design, multiaxial weaving and automated manufacturing. The patented Helicoid consists of lay-up sequences with smooth transitions in fiber orientation between adjacent plies. This leads to enclosures that can deliver 25% higher load and 20% less deflection at same weight. Materials: E-glass NCF, pick-and-place, LCM processing.

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