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zUFO Ski Boots


Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

Based on the observation of an unresolved comfort problem and a flagrant lack of innovation, we developed a Patented Ski Boot. Current hard shell technology (4 million pairs sold / year) is not fit for human morphology. We replaced it with an exoskeleton which transmits forces between body and ski.

Benefits for the final customers?

zUFO ski boot are made of an exoskeleton meant to be light enough for back country skiing (climbing) and strong enough for downhill skiing. The most critical parts of our exoskeleton are made of composites (lightness / resistance) subjected to extreme conditions (temperature, water, shocks, etc).

The product : materials and processes

The mechanical function of the Ski Boot is ensured by an exoskeleton which is versatile due to its rigidity and lightness. In addition, an easy-to-use mechanism system makes it easy to adjust. Waterproofing and thermal insulation functions are ensured by a textile gaiter. The Ski Boot can be fully assembled / disassembled without special tools or glue, which makes it more durable and recyclable.

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