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Vehicle tunnel


Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

Advanced Composites Solutions (ACS), in collaboration with Solvay Group and Susta, proved with this innovative and cost-effective solution their ability in high manufacturing rates with quality, accuracy and repeatability, targeting serial production of automotive components for metal replacement.

Benefits for the final customers?

Lightweighting, performance, high production rates (up to 150 parts/day), part integration, tooling cost reduction: there are many benefits of using composites associated with this innovative pressing process.

The product : materials and processes

This vehicle tunnel was produced using Solvay''s Double Diaphragm Forming (DDF) process, that automates press molding into a single-step process from a flat blank. This is perfectly suited for complex shapes and variable thicknesses. The part is made with SolvaLite prepregs.

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