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SOF Radlink System


Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

The SOF Radlink system is design to easily and quickly connect tunnel segments for underground infrastructure. The SOF radlink combines composite and thermoplastic processes for durable solutions, to replace steel solutions. It is designed to provide a high strength and lightweight solution.

Benefits for the final customers?

  • Eliminates corrosion risks
  • Increases the strength of the structure
  • Weight saving
  • Easy to handle, faster installation
  • Possibility to add to composite functionality by overmoulding of recyclable materials
  • Productivity x 15
  • Energy saving process

The product : materials and processes

The product is made by combining a pultruded composite and a thermoplastic overmoulding:

  • pultrusion of glass fiber with Arkema Elium® Thermoplastic resin
  • thanks to the resin, thermoforming of the flat pultruded composite
  • overmolding by plastic injection of a polyamide to ensure good compatibility and functionality

The process solution produces high performance parts.

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