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Recyclable Thermoset CFRP Composite Bike


Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

Swancor developed the "EzCiclo" recyclable epoxy resin to solve the thermoset composite recycling issue. Customers can use "EzCiclo" resin to make fiber composites with original process and equipment. And the end-of-life parts can be separated via "CleaVER" liquid to fully reclaim matrix and fibers.

Benefits for the final customers?

  1. 100% recyclable thermoset composite bicycle parts with promising properties
  2. Innovative resin system enables closed-loop recycling of thermoset composites
  3. Easy to use with existing manufacturing facilities and processes
  4. Lower carbon emissions
  5. Higher value for reclaimed materials

The product : materials and processes

Recyclable thermoset CFRP bike parts including the frame, handlebar, front fork and rims are made from Swancor''s "EzCiclo RB564" prepreg using hot press molding at 150℃.

The parts properties comply with ISO 4210 standards. The end-of-life parts can be separated using "CleaVER" under 150℃ to ensure fully reclaim of the matrix and fiber.

The reclaimed materials can be reused to make CFRP parts.

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