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New-Generation Cobradive fins


Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

The first generation of Cobradive fins gave satisfaction to users but some limitations were noticed:

  • Reduced efficiency at depths greater than 40m
  • Fins' tip slightly over-weighted

The increasing range of reinforcements available enabled redesigning the fins to improve thei

Benefits for the final customers?

  • Positive and immediate environmental impact, significantly improving life cycle assessments.
  • High performance : reactivity, power transfer, efficient both at the surface and at significant depths.
  • Aesthetics as bamboo is visible in a different pattern (UD).

The product : materials and processes

  • Fabric : Bamboo Bu170
  • Pattern: unidirectional bamboo fabric
  • Fibre: 5mm wide ribbon ; 0,3mm thick
  • Density: 170g/m2; per ply
  • Link: 1 side polyamide web 10 to 20g/m2
  • Matrix: Biobased epoxy
  • Process: RTM
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