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Modular Suitcase made from rCFRP


Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

PITAKA, a pioneer in innovative technology and new materials, wants to provide a simple, refined, environmentally friendly, professional, and fashionable travel solution to serve humanity as we always do.

Benefits for the final customers?

  1. Modular design and recycled(able) materials make it possible to reuse materials.
  2. Due to the modular design: suitcases are easier to repair; customers can opt for different colors/materials/finishes for highly customized products.

The product : materials and processes

The innovation is based on 2 points:

  1. Developing a variety of materials to accommodate a unique goal which is sturdy and yet a lightweight product. Each design line uses some recycled materials from different industries, showing that recycled composite materials can be used to manufacture premium products.
  2. Modular Design: consumers can easily disassemble the suitcase and recycle the composites.
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